100% analysed flights in time saving and efficient way.
Qualified safety experts on your side.
Peace of mind with regulatory compliance.
Investigate and act on hazards quickly.

Speed-up your FDM Programme and bring flight safety to next level

Many companies perform flight data analysis with outdated software, which is time consuming, error prone and only 5% of available data is used. Effective FDM programme analyzes more then 90% of flight data to identify hazards, utilize objective traces of flight execution, monitors equipment status and discover potential safety trends. Increase flight safety and aircraft availability by determining what really affects your operations in an efficient way.

Flight Safety Plane


Flight Data Monitoring

AeroSight FDM is effective and highly customizable solution which could analyze 100% of your flight data with minimal user interaction in easy to use and efficient way.

Pilot Performance

The Pilot Performance module together with other awareness or training activities can be very effective in highlighting areas of increased operational risk.

ECM Data Export

The aim is to provide an automated solution for generation of ECM reports based on the criteria set by the engine vendor.
FDM as an Integral Part of the Pilots' ATQP
FDM as an Integral Part of the Pilots' ATQP25/06/2024 | Product

At AeroSight, our primary goal is to significantly enhance aviation safety for our clients through the meticulous application of Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) programs. This article explores how FDM, as part of the Alternative Training and Qualification Programme (ATQP), plays a crucial role in pilot training and performance evaluation.

Getting the most of your FDM data
Getting the most of your FDM data21/06/2023 | Product

Each Safety Management System/SMS/ needs a process to ensure it achieves the state of safety as defined by its safety performance targets and safety performance indicators. This is delivered by the safety assurance component of the SMS. Safety assurance consists of processes and activities undertaken by the Operator to determine whether the SMS is operating according to expectations and requirements.

I can confidently say that the AeroSight software has revolutionized our company's FDM program.

The software allows me to easily track and analyse data from flights, including information such as altitude, speed, engine thrust, and more. With this data, I can identify areas of continuous improvement to comply with international safety standards and recommended practices.

The technical support is friendly and excellent; feedback when requested, is prompt and professional.

Marshallino Coetzee

Safety & Compliance | Flight Data Analyst

The transition to the FDM service went very smoothly. AeroSight demonstrated deep flight safety expertise and engineering skills during the process.

We are most satisfied with the quality of the service provided which matched our expectations.

It significantly improved our Flight Data Monitoring program by relieving the workload related to data processing and allowing the Safety Department to focus on data analysis.

Angel Petrov

Ground Ops & Commercial Director Purchase & Fleet Acquisitions Director

As a customer of AeroSight for over 2 years now, I can truly say, that we have not experienced another platform with more automated features.

The graphics and readout results are exceptionally interactive, and the support team is extremely supportive.

Jimmy Larsen

Director of Flight Operations