Flight Data Monitoring

Flight Data Monitoring

100% analyzed flights in time saving and efficient way


Aerosight FDM is effective and highly customizable solution which could analyze 100% of your flight data with minimal user interaction in easy to use and efficient way.

The platform handles time consuming and error prone tasks and allows you to focus on investigating hazards and increase flight safety in compliance with authority regulations and following the latest guidelines.

  • Fast and automatic readout and exceedance detection process
  • Detailed and interactive flight readout visualizations, traces and reports
  • Accurate statistics and safety trends with periodical safety reports
  • Intuitive web interface, secure user access and reliable data storage

How it works?

How it works?

When it comes to flight safety, there's nothing more valuable than quick representation of every moment during a flight, accurate statistics and actionable trending data.

Aerosight FDM, provides aircraft operators with valuable safety insight that delivers detailed reporting, statistics and data representation directly to your safety department, within minutes of upload.

Digital flight data downloaded from the aircraft is analyzed to determine if deviations from structural aircraft limits or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have occurred. The events that are monitored constitute a dynamic set continuously evolving in order to best adapt to the company procedures in place and to help in the identification and measurement of safety risks.

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What you get?

What you get?

Just upload FDR/QAR raw file and fully automated process will detect all legs in it, extract all parameter values converted into engineering units and perform accurate event detection.

Detailed flight review

Rich instruments for detailed flight review - cockpit visualization, 3D flight path reconstruction, interactive colour-coded trace and CSV file.

Data reliability

Data reliability based on data quality analysis and parameter check report.

Flight review and acceptance

Flight acceptance - the reviewer could analyse all detected events with their correlated parameters and reject inappropriate events. After readout report is accepted it becomes part of statistics.

KPIs and interactive charts

Dashboards with KPIs and interactive charts for fast overview of operational safety and trends. Easy way to drill down and look deeper into the flight data behind.

Periodical safety reports and advanced search

Periodical safety reports and advanced search in exceedance events and flight legs by different dimensions.

Pilot performance monitoring

Integrations with external OPS systems (like Leon and NetLine) to achieve automatic pilot performance monitoring.

engine condition monitoring

Engine related events and automatic data export for engine condition monitoring.

Secure User Access

Secure User Access with customizable user roles and privileges.

experts advice

Discover safety trends and operation specific cases, using our experts advice.

Cloud Technology


Aerosight FDM is compliant with the highest security standards. It is running on Microsoft Azure cloud which enables high level on security, reliability and availability of the service. The key benefits of the technology are:

  • Fast, reliable and secure processing, storage and retrieval for all FDM related data
  • No need for additional IT infrastructure and system maintenance
  • Worldwide secure access with 95% availability and guaranteed speed
  • Regular automated backups of the database
  • Geographically redundant storage (store multiple copies of the data in primary and secondary datacenter in different geographical location)
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